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Open Zephyurs network

Server IP
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All The Mods 7 Stoneblock 3 Awakening - Sky of Diamonds Project Ozone 3 - Mythic Mode
Modpack Version
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1.18.2: All The Mods 7 - To The Sky - Version 1.1.2 IP:
Stoneblock 3 - Version 1.0.2 IP: 1.12.2:
Awakening - Sky of Diamonds Version - 1.19.0 IP:
Project Ozone 3 - Mythic Mode - Version 3.4.10 IP:
Enigmatica 2 Expert - Version 1.85 IP:
Divine Journey 2 - Version 2.16.0 IP:
Nomifactory: CEu Edition - Version 1.4.1a IP:
Technologial Journey - Version 1.1.2 IP:

active players
location netherlands

No banned items We have no banned items and don't plan to add which in feature, we try to give players the full modded MC experience.

Chat between all servers and discord
The chat is synced complete between all servers and discord so you always have someone to talk to while playing!

and mulch more
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