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Open Yesdog's Crafty Craft [Horizons III]

Mixed content network, Direwolf 1.12, Horizons III, vanilla, antigrief, network economy

  1. yesdog
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Horizons III
    All FTB content accessible from the lobby via the compass menu.

    Horizons III
    Direwolf20 1.12

    Yesdog's Crafty Craft is an up-and-coming, well crafted server featuring several classic game modes as well as mini games and a functional economy. The server is primarily survival focused, with both a factions and survival world. Both modes offer a form of claims, allowing you to protect your work. Your inventory is shared between both survival modes, and money is shared across all game modes including minigames. This means you can take your earnings and build your dream house in survival, or a mega base in factions! The economy is dynamic and stable, allowing you to trade openly on the auction house, buy items from the village store, redeem cosmetics, and much more!