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Whitelist X95 UK based FTB Infinity Lite server

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Hello and thank you for looking at our post.

We are a small community of UK based minecraft/feed the beast players looking to draw in a handful of likeminded people to join our community.

Things to note:

- your sense of humour and friendliness is far more important than your ability to build
- we do not tolerate bullying/thieving/griefing/raiding/raping/pillaging (Yes, the chunk claiming system negates a lot of this but we still have a ZERO tolerance policy)
-our server is very stable and has the potential to be expanded to accomodate more players if it gets strained

- we're currently running a +-5k world border but can expand it if necessary.

-the current map is less than a week old so, if you're into exploring- the map is unspoiled.

Other things to younger players/parents of younger players to note:

- There are no rules against swearing/course & graphic humour
- There will likely be adult themed discussions at various points
- Everyone in our community is currently in their 20s but anyone is welcome to apply to the server.

Regards the modpack, items and the server itself:

- There is a border to stop EXCESSIVE exploring (I know some people like to travel out to 20+ km in every direction..)
-Any machines that cause excessive lag will be removed without any prior notice
-Any excessive abuse of world creation mods will result in a warning, followed by a ban if the warning is not heeded.
- We have a home setting command
- We request that players travel 500 blocks minimum from spawn before they settle

tl;dr- fun whitelisted server with some common sense rules. 10km map. Feel free to apply if you have a good sense of humour!
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If it is still up I would love to join my ign is dm0n
Is the server still up? I'm from germany and I am looking for a server for me and a friend of mine.
i would like to join this server, my IGN is waxplay
IGN: Ziqids, can send messaging/talking program details over pm
i want to join this server, my IGN is CYKJosh
Will have you added to the whitelist. I'll message when it's done :)