=WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - Friendly - 9+ years up time!=

Whitelist =WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - Friendly - 9+ years up time!=

Super awesome community and good uptime. Server restarts take no longer than 5 minutes and the server is rarely down. Would deffinitely recommend.
Awesome community, great moderators! Server runs super stable and the admin-mods are always on top of things. On my 1st "exploration" i found a player with items spilling out onto the ground and the admins wasted no time disabling the machine causing it without causing in harm to the players base. Everyone is super helpful! This admin runs 3 servers and if one doesnt see any activity they host a modpack vote and replace it with something fresh. There is always something to do and someone to play with. The community is EU and US so theres round the clock someone online. Very glad i joined this community!
Well worth joining for a stable reliable server. Quality over Quantity every time.
Vote for new mod packs as a community
Very nice server. Excelent uptime, super staff and players :)

I like Cat.

If you like mining, come join.
Is guud, sehr gut.
Best minecraft server ever, is a small tight community that is very helpful, all the directions of the server and items that should or not be used are discussed with everyone here you are given a say on the server, this make you feel like part of something, the people are very fun and the owner is a cat... i'm almost certain
Best comunity ever! :D
NEGL this is a super super fun place to be in and its just fun
Great community with great players highly recommend applying
If you are looking for the best minecraft server with mods, that's it. Stop looking for other servers and just join this one. The best staff, super helpful people and the best mods.
Thanks for the kind words
awesome people, reliable server experience, and almost no banned items on the hot modpacks makes this community a 10/10

I have been with the community for a while, playing on and off. Hell I somehow got staff Still to this day not a clue how.

However, I can say with pride that this community is one of the best out there compared to most of the other communities I've played with. The Owner Anders is very forgiving man he still let me continue to be a part of the community after a Incident I caused involving constant crash loops on The Divine Journey pack a few years ago.

I would recommend this community to anybody who is looking for a server with no restrictions on items, and people to talk to. Whilst sometimes it may get inactive or not have a server up, moment there is a new pack that is interesting to the community Anders is on the case and gets a server up within the week.
Forgiving until the day you fuck up 7 days in a row! :D
Chill server with little to no banned items. Great owner, staff and community. A lovely little modded network!
By far the best server I have ever been a part of. I have been on it for years now. The group is friendly and are willing to help each other out. The owner goes out of his way to make you feel welcomed. This server has lasted the test of time.
Thanks for the kind words John! :D
This community was the first time I joined one, they showed me how is to play with others, have fun together, and getting experience in modded Minecraft.
The people there not toxic, and the owner, what can I say, JUST THE BEST OWNER I EVER SAW IN MY LIFE, he gave his life for us, and we are very thankful for that.
even after I got experienced, i kept playing there, and I can't stop, please guys , if u really love modded Minecraft, this is the place for you!
Well you still have much to learn :D hehe.
Been with this server for years now, they basicly my family now. I recommend this server for anyone. 5 Stars!
you have been around for nearly 5 years so ofc you're family!
If y’all want a community that feels like the family you’ve always wanted. Then this may the place to look. They’ve definitely made me feel that way for sure !!
Happy to have you! :D
*This Review is of my own free will, i am not being forced into this O_o (Help)*
I LOVE the server, the owner is a friendly guy (he's keeping me locked up, help me!!).

For real tho, yall should join, super nice community and its an enjoyable pack <3
Get BACK in the cave! :D <3
awesome server that keeps up to date with the latest modpakcs.
Better than Cyberpunk 2077
Good measurements of ensurance. haha