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Open Welcome on the Server feel free to join :)

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Ftb infinity Evolved
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Its a 10 slots ftb infinity evolved server. Feel free to join us and play with us. The only rules on are that you should have fun and dont ruin the fun from other people.
we have also a discord who u can ask me something or can get help
We have also a German Roleplay server with a discord
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4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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  1. Griefing

    Today i come at the server i must see that everything get destroyed. I decided to load up an...

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The server has been great up until today, when I log in and immediately get killed. Anyway to report these users?
Write a message to me in prv. chat and i then they get banned. (when they killed u or griefed) Griefing and killing is not allowed on the Server!!!
man kann leider nicht mehr joinen nachdem hacker den server zerbombt haben und der owner alles resettet hat. schade um die sachen die man gebaut hat.
Der server wird heute abend neugestartet anscheinend kurzzeitig abgestürzt
je viens sur le serv hyper propre et bonne ambiance seul bémolle seul connecté un allemand je voudrait discu avec l'admin