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Open Von Spookelton | NA | Project Ozone 3 | Dedicated Machine | Discord

24/7 | 20TPS | Full Dedicated Machine | Discord Chat Linked | Low Ping | Active | NA

  1. Inrix
    Server IP:
    Ozone 3
    Modpack Version:

    IP: ozone3na.spookelton.net

    Discord: www.discord.gg/8wUya8z (Server Chat Link & Voice)​

    - About Us -
    Von Spookelton is a growing community of people who enjoy a variety of different things from gaming to programming. We host a variety of servers and now have a stable community of people who actively play on all of them! We also have a monthly game giveaway for active members of the community! If you're looking for some nice people and dedicated staff/hardware then Spookelton hopefully is the place for you :).

    - About The Server -
    This is a new NA based server we are trying out!

    All our servers are run on dedicated hardware and maintained constantly to ensure that everyone is always having the best experience. There are no banned items or restrictions and the staff are on discord 20/7 (We do need sleep) to help people! If you want to chat or find out more about us then do hop on our discord, there is almost always someone on who you can chat to!

    You can get more info on our discord by asking around, There is always someone online to chat to!

    - Server Rules (Pfft Rules!? Who needs rules) -

    >Be nice to other players
    >Don't kill others unless both parties have agreed
    >Don't Grief
    >You can glitch/hack as long as we never find you and it does not effect server performance or other players (Then we will take action), we feel that if you wish to ruin your experience then you may chose to do that. However if you encounter a issue or need our help and you are found to have been hacking/glitching then you will be given less priority and help over other players.