Vanilla - WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - 18+ - Friendly - 9+ years up time!

Whitelist Vanilla - WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - 18+ - Friendly - 9+ years up time!

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Going forward the community is gate keeped at 18+ does mean there's still past members under the age of 18

Hallo human, Cat, or whatever you are!
Welcome to our little server thread for our
small community, controlled by the power of the community.
9/10 times changes will only be made if
the community wanting to change it.!
There's a lot of valuable people in our community.
so we are very proud of the people who have
been sticking around even under our phase
of trying out our skills in expert mode!
And we will always like to see more people
of that type which wants to involve our
community to the best of both worlds!

Server Specs
CPU:Ryzen 3600
Location: Denmark
It is a dedicated machine hosted from home. so no payments other than a
power bill:)

Getting White-listed!

We got no Application form so you are writing in free hand.
which means get creative.
Application must be 300 words or longer for brand new members.
With the only exception being you have a friend that is already in the community, And have been here for more then a month.
Then you're only required to write a min of 50 word.
Things that shall not be in your application is writing about the application process or why you chose our server.
Things that should be in your application, is things like Name, age, interests and such.
You are not required to do so but is very much a factor of joining.
Since as mentioned we are a close and tight community which have a good and well built relations to one and another.
but if in case you don't want to talk about your daily stuff.
Then talking about gaming interests is fine as well.

Why should you not join or why should you
Currently the member base Avg age is about 18-25 and that have currently been going up.
So more mature content and talks and text chats are to come with that which is NONE PG13 RATED, So keep that in mind if your sensitive to such things.

So Happy Writing!
Hope to see you soon
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

Latest updates

  1. New modpack! Enigmatica 8

    Come join today!
  2. New modpack - Infinity Evolved Reloaded

    Infinity Evolved Reloaded
  3. Now Running E6!

    Modpack Changed

Latest reviews

Been on here for about a year now and I dont regret it at all. Everyone is friendly and helpful and the Admin actually pays attention to his servers.
Check out the other servers of this community! We change pack every once in a while if it becomes stale.

Lovely place to hang around!
lovely community and moderation. anders is not bad too...
Me likey
Chill servers with few months uptime on modpacks choosen trough vote in discord. Overall quite solid choice to play here
Very friendly comunity
I've only been a part of this community for two weeks or so but so far my experience has been really good with both the players and the admins, definitely try it out if you want be a part of a small yet helpful to eachother community :) The server is very stable, you can enjoy hours at a time without any lag at all, love it!
Awesome community, been here for ~6 years now. Servers are always
vivacious and buzzing with talkative people, that always help each other. Best part is that it's a small community and you can feel safe here.
The community is awesome, it seems like everyone is focusing on a different mod-pack and it was super encouraging to see people helping one another! The discord server has a chat bot where all 3 servers and discord are linked so you can talk to people in game chat through discord. The admin is cheeky in a fun way. The only issue I have ever had is I always get a timeout disconnect on my 1st attempt to connect each day, but the 10 seconds it costs me is WELL WORTH IT! Everyone is super helpful and you need only ask to get any assistance! So glad I joined this community!
I've only been here in the last month or two, but I really like it. The Discord has maybe ~150 members, but a lot of them seem to be members from all sorts of times. Servers will have between 1-10 players on them, but more are always possible. The host does it from his own machine, and so uptime is always pretty great. If you have an issue, then the community is both small enough for your problem to be heard, yet large and established enough to actually get a good response.

If you want a particular pack, you could either suggest it as a voting option in the biweekly odd vote on packs to implement, or even offer to set it up and run it yourself. Currently running is Revelations, SevTech and now, Eternal. There are some very long term (and competent) players, and some people who are new to the packs.

It has a large range of whatever you might need, and the experience has been nothing but positive since I've joined. No real drama has been seen, the chat is chill and mostly just focused on minecraft. It is, at its core, a solid community of people who like the game. If you like a stable place, this is a good one.

While I've only been here a short period of time, I think I've found the server where I will happily play minecraft from now on.