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Valhalla MC | Legend of the Eyes

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Modpack Version: Legend of the Eyes v1.0.0

Although Valhalla MC is a smaller community than most, it has already become very active. By playing as a community, we hope to enhance the experience of playing Minecraft. Our main objective is to provide a lag-free gaming experience, and we use a high performance infrastructure to make that happen. If you're interested, we also host other 18+ servers.

As of yesterday, Our Legend of the Eyes has just been released, we are looking for some committed people to fill it. Additionally, we offer the standard Minecraft server features like chunkloading, backups, and global interaction with Discord chat.
Stable servers free of charge for anyone to enjoy!

Please join our discord below if you're interested in playing. Whitelist is disabled!

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  1. 1.1.0 is here!

    Enjoy with our server updated to latest :). Also we added two commands that might be useful for...