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Open Vahaos Gaming Infinity Skyblock Evolved


  1. Alaskanhero
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    Infinity Skyblock Evolved
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    Server Ip - play.vahaosgaming.com

    We at Vahaos Gaming seek to provide a fun and interactive server for all to enjoy. A lot of servers restrict or limit lists of items to slow or force donations, but we believe instead in helping to create a fun environment that can be balanced and fun.
    We are all adults, and have a good supportive team that looks forward to helping players through any questions, concerns, or issues they may have. Currently, our maps include Infinity (Normal) which features a fully generated Twilight Forest and Overworld to cut back on generation lag for all players; Infinity Skyblock Evolved, which features a fun and interactive fresh world; and finally we also have just added Ozone 2 with many new features including private islands measuring 1000 x 1000 wide and multiple quest lines. All servers are provided with Golden Shovel protections along with GPP Cities, and each server has a positive, player-driven economy.
    We have done our best to only restrict what items we must, and have clear documentation on rules and problematic items on our site. Our Server is using a Dedicated ovh box this will eliminate most lag issues and we plan to upgrade to a even stronger box in the near future.
    We welcome all new players and hope to see you there!