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Whitelist Unreal Universe, Semi-Public server! [Evolved, EXPERT - 20 Slots left!]

Semi-Public server with a small community, nothing banned

  1. LaHardCore
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    Hello together!

    First off - let me tell you a few things about me - just so it'll be easier for me while writing this thread.

    My name is Christian, im 24 years old and living in germany. This brings us to the very first point - you'll probably find alot of typos in here, as my german isnt perfect at all. if you happen to stumble upon one of them, feel free to contact me! i'd love to edit this thread accordingly, to make it look as good as possible.

    Alright, lets get things going!

    Today i'd like to introduce you to our small community-server. Right now we're at our very beginning - aiming to create a server that we can play on together.
    We thought about adding around 15 members in total, as we want to, atleast for now, stay a small community.

    We are running Feed The Beast Infinity with "EXPERT"-Mode, whereas we added a couple plugins to make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible.

    There are quiet some things on my mind right now - let me try to brighten up a couple of them:

    We actually dont want any donations, gifts, whatsoever. We're hosting because we LIKE to do so - and we are some passionated minecraft-players aswell. Our goal is to BACTERIA get something established where nothing needs to be moderated - a "Small Community", so to say.
    Our dedicated hardware is always rented 6 months upfont - thus giving you 100% that our project wont go offline.
    We do own a TeamSpeak3-Server aswell - So you guys can stay in touch with each other!
    It's adress is the same as the gameserver-adress. Feel free to come by and say hello!
    The TS3-related rules will be posted and talked about later on.

    ..On Unreal Universe there is nothing banned, as long as it doesnt break the gameplay for other players. If there are things that cause a massive amount of lag, we'll get in touch with you, so we can find a workaround together.

    Yet another IMPORTANT thing:

    Any kind of racism is NOT tolerated. Please, just dont do it. We want to provide a friendly and enjoyable community. Thank you!

    For now we dont have very much build at all - there's a spawn, and that's it. if you'd like to get a sneak-peak anyways - we have a DynMap running, you can always check out whats going on there.
    You can find it HERE!

    We do Preload chunks - this means that the well known "explorer-lag" will be reduced to a minimum. right now everything from +20k to -20k is fully generated - The DynMap will update itself accordingly!

    If you want to apply for our server, please look at the specifications that you need to fit below:

    If you meet all of those, feel free to add me on Skype! Right now this is the FASTEST way to contact me - I'll setup a little board during the evening to get things going more smoothly! my ID is "xxlahardcorexx".

    If you dont own Skype, feel free to leave your application in here.
    Please provide us with your Minecraftname aswell, so that we can whitelist you in case that you get approaved.
    You can also contact me on my E-Mail-adress - just message "[email protected]".

    Please fill out this example:

    I hope that this thread is somewhat understandable - and, as stated, if there are errors pop me a message!

    Warmest greetings,

    Unreal Universe


    Here's our actual changelog - Make sure to expand the Quote to see its full contents!

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