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Open UnlimitedCraft Infinity Skyblock 64GB Custom Plugins Fewbanned Items **Veinminer**

Stable infinity skyblock server running on a Dedicated Box

  1. K1ltu
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to UnlimitedCraft Servers
    we are currently running 3 servers
    This is for our Infinity Evolved Skyblock server /w Veinminer

    Jump on and join us at unlimitedserver.org:25566

    Features include
    +Custom Item restriction plugin to keep banned items to the minimum

    +Items that can be used for greifing are Only Banned in the Skyworld

    +Our infinity servers Share a Global Chat

    +Game path with 7 ranks that progress as you play with progressively kits and commands

    +We allow Chunkloaders and we have a custom plugin for donation based offline chunkloading

    +Economy and player Shops

    +We also have Excellent up time due to a proprietary plugin that removes crashing blocks on startup

    Im K1ltu and i hope to see you ingame