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Open |UK|NightLiveGames Minecraft Presents FTB Revelations 2.6.0

NLGR| FTB Revelations 2.6.0

  1. Elstealthed
    Server IP:
    FTB revelations
    Modpack Version:
    NightLiveGames Minecraft Invites you to join us on FTB Revelations
    About us
    We are small network now hosting FTB Revelation 2.6.0 looking for players looking for a relaxed , friendly and mature environment.

    Our server has recently just changed to FTB Revelations so we are still working on config and getting the plugin list complete but feel free to join us and help shape the community.

    We also have a Vanilla 1.13 server available, with more information on our discord group.

    Restricted Mods
    We currently don't have anything restricted but will update the list and have in-game documentation on all restricted items and mods.
    Want more information?
    Join us on our Discord server [https://discord.gg/9WUPhgf] and ask us any questions that you may have.