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Open True Gaming Beyond 1.10.2 Server

Survivial, unique economy

  1. truegaming
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    True Gaming Beyond 1.10.2 Server

    Welcome to True gaming. We are here to provide a stable server with little rules. We are working on a unique economy system. This system will not rely on donations, subscriptions or voting, but rather an in-game job system. Feel free to join and have fun.

    Server IP
    • bynd.truegaming.co
    • We use griefprevention to protect your land
    • Open PVP outside of claims
    • Open raiding outside of claims
    • Automatic ranks
    • Donation Store
    More Info
    • Still working on spawn
    • Still working on economy system
    • If you have suggestions hit up our forums
    • Visit our website here
    • Donation Store here