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Whitelist Toha.ws [Beyond Server - Whitelist] [Zero Wipes] 1.5.1

Whitelist 1.5.1 Beyond Server

  1. Extortionist
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    The Toha.ws network is hosting a public Beyond server that's current on the 1.5.1 pack.

    Server is based in America, and does not have any alterations or additions. Great server to quickly hop on and play around and learn new mods or friends.

    The Toha.ws network has graciously given us access to one of their dedicated server to host this server, as such we do not need any financial support, therefore we do not aim to ask for reviews, votes, or donations. We only wish for others to have fun together playing minecraft.


    1. Respect everyone of all ages, experiences, race & genders.
    2. Please ask permissions before entering personal property that has been claimed.
    3. Swearing is allowed, however racism is not tolerated and falls in line with rule #1
    4. Intentionally causing lag, or situations that can cause disruptions of other players is highly discourage.
    5. Admins reserve the right to create additional rules, regulations or decrees within game or on the forums.

    Whitelist Form:


    Discord: https://discord.gg/2yYqmN4