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Whitelist "To Be Determined" Community server - hermitpack - 24/7 - dedicated - ssd - 8g ram

A starting community

  1. Hawkeye
    Server IP:
    Will be sent in discord
    Modpack Version:
    Hey there,

    Welcome to "To Be Determined" a starting community,
    I'm Hawk, one of the 2 owners of this new and fresh community
    It's so fresh the server has been on for a day (december 9).
    So if you'd like to be one of the first people that join our server, or even the communifty, we will be hosting/playing different games as well, feel free to sign up and we'll find a place for you.

    We use discord to talk Its not mandatory but preferred strongly cause we like hearing people. also we would like to be most people 16+ just to be sure.

    If you're interested sent me a pm with your info.

    In game name:
    About yourself (aka criminal record):
    Favourite things:
    What do you ask of us as your host:
    What can we expect from you:
    Can you tolerate slightly - moderally rude jokes, innuendo and giant blocky dicks, (the other guy made me say this):