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Whitelist [TLPN] FTB Revelation 1.4 Server made 2/8/18

New Lag-Free Server! 24/7

  1. John Struble
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    coollogo_com-95861115.gif Welcome to the LANPartyNetwork!

    We have created a 1.4 FTB Revelation server for those that meet the requirements below :D

    We don’t want to tell you what you can and can’t do. You should already know this.
    We are based in the US Which gives anyone in the US Great ping and EU decent ping.

    We have a discord channel, talk permissions will be granted to those who get whitelisted.

    Please do not go exploring past 5k blocks UNLESS there is no space to do build. And please try to give atleast 100 blocks from your neighbors as common courtesy.

    Nothing is banned. Nothing.

    PLEASE ADD MEECREEPS MOD TO YOUR GAME TO CONNECT! We have also added Mekanism to the pack!
    Mekanism Tools
    Mekanism Generators

    If you need help installing this to your pack feel free to message us on discord!

    We have just a few simple rules.
    1. Don’t be a dick
    2. Don’t ask us to use admin privileges to give your stuff back because you got ganked by something/fell in lava/your baby mama cleaned you out; we haven't given ourselves any.
    3. You can (after proving you can abide by rule 1) ask for a friend to join
    4. Our primary language is English, but we welcome players from anywhere.
    5. We reserve the right to add more rules as people cause us to. Otherwise, be chilled and enjoy.
    6. If you want to use quarries and other automated mining tools, please travel to the mining dimension and do it there. We can regenerate this world periodically if needs be.
    Please fill our this simple form to apply (on discord):D
    First Name:
    In-game Name:
    How long you have played minecraft:
    Favorite Mod:
    Why you should be whitelisted:

    Thanks guys and happy playing!