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Whitelist Throwback FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7.10 Server, come apply!

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Open, large server capacity
to apply
The server is now stronger than ever before. Very thankful for all the support. Still open, but have added strict protections to the server, to prevent griefing.
Now we have close to 80 members in our discord and active members daily, we have strengthened our anti griefing rules and plugins and we are doing a map restart!
Upgraded the server size and players allowed, apply for more!
As the title says, things are going great, we still have more space so apply! Join our discord to apply directly! https: // / gtuRDBmG
As the title says, we still have plenty of server power and space for people to join, we have people from europe, plenty from the US all joining and playing. Would be glad to have more!
As the title says, the server is getting more active, would be nice to get more people on! Making a discord!