.:Thinker~Craft:. Network  ▌Direwolf 1.7.0 ▌✔ 24/7 ✔ No Whitelist ✔ Few Banned items

Open .:Thinker~Craft:. Network ▌Direwolf 1.7.0 ▌✔ 24/7 ✔ No Whitelist ✔ Few Banned items

Server IP
Modpack Version
Direwolf20 1.7.0 (1.7)

Direwolf20 Server
IP:- dw20.thinkercraft.net
TeamSpeak:- ts3.thinkercraft.net
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Thinker~Craft had been established since 3rd January 2014. Started with just normal minecraft. We're an experienced team our aim is to provide a great community with a lag free server environment .Our Community is still growing, with great members and staff to help you in problems you might encounter. Servers have tons of useful plugins to help our members have great experience and fun. Build your own Town/Nation or simply join other's, and make new friends.

Griefing is not Allowed in Towns; Griefing in wild is Accepted.
Direwolf20 Specs:-
  • No Lagg (20 TPS),24/7 uptime
  • 100 Player Slots
  • Towny Protection
  • Economy:- Player Shops
  • Randomtp
  • Friendly Community

With only Few Banned Items, which will not effect anything in game and some can be bought from our webstore.​

Build your own Empire,in order to get your own shop plot and start selling to make profit!!
There's also monthly building challenges for you to enjoy & win prizes.
Come Join us online and have fun with your friends!!

Register on our website Today!!! to get 10 Credit points which you can exchange them from our webstore.
Additional Notes:
- 24/7 Uptime
- 8gb ram (can be higher)
- 100 player Slots
- 20TPS with no lag
- Mature and Helpful Staff
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

Latest reviews

I have nothing to say but..... I love this server!
This server is amazing, has great and mature staff, few banned items but only to stop server lag and bypassing pvp/towny, small community, server economy,
This Server is GREAT! There is a friendly community and great staff! Come check out the site at http://www.thinkercraft.net/home . You can play Direwolf 20, Infinity, and Unleashed come check it out!
A great and somewhat small server group, good staff and great use of plugins. There are a few banned items, but it's needed to keep from server lag.
Great server and nice community