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I'm going to try to keep it short as no-one likes to read.

**✶Servers we Host✶**
*HermitPack v1.2.1*-
*Infinity Lite v 1.0.1* -
*Direwolf20's 1.10 pack* - **Coming Soon**

**So it starts with one question! **
✶**What are you looking for?**✶

✶If you are looking for a server that offers you an amazing, active community, reward system for not only playing the game but being part of the community, a server that is on a dedicated server, not just hosted & to have the ability of getting donator rewards, title and benefits without needing to donate.

Then Look no further we have you covered.

✶If you are looking for a server that offers, Griefing, Raiding, PvP then you are looking at the wrong server.

✶**We have a curse channel, which is moderated continually. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to connect with a member of staff. Invite link is below.**✶

✶**What Are we hosted on**✶
Our Dedicated server is from OVH we have.
Processor: E5 6Core
Ram: 64GB
Storage: 3x 300GB SSD
Network: 1GB rack

✶**Why Not Come Give Us a try**✶

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what is the correct IP i cant connect
Been part of this server for many years, since FTB Infinity. I have never had an issue on this server all issues have been dealt with in a reasonable time, any lag issues have been dealt with and as the server is currently 1.10 it is obvious there will be lag. I have been griefed twice in my time with this server and both have been dealt with responsibly and quickly. The staff has always been understanding with members and strict on members who break the rules. They have always been fair, however, will not accept any form of griefing or disrespect of staff. This said RSM griefed their spawn by changing the signs in the shop.
This server is great! I love the fact they make sure every griefer like RSM here is punished and made sure they can never come back. More servers should do this to make sure it is a fun environment to be in. They are quick to respond to everyone in there various communication area's. 1.10 is turning out to be tricky for most servers as I see it but this group is doing the best they can with keeping the servers up and I appluad the effort givin. Just make sure to read the rules and you will do fine.

First off its very laggy, almost unplayable

Second off they ban you even if you write your name on a sign! Staff is completely unresponsive and they take no advice 0/5 IMO and others agree do not join
hahaha wondered when you would show up, the guy that claims peoples bases and says it's not griefing, firstly lag you make me laugh, secondly sorry but you were banned for more than just putting your name on a sign, the advice you were giving was unbanning you so yeah of course we are not going to listen too you when you grief