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Open ThePeak HermitPack 1.2.1

The Peak MC ✸ Infinity Lite 1.10 ✸HermitPack 1.10✸ Grief Prevention ✸ 1.10 ✸ Specialised Point Syste

  1. OGTEnzoHD
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    I'm going to try to keep it short as no-one likes to read.

    ✶Servers we Host✶
    *HermitPack v1.2.1*- hermit.thepeak-mc.com
    *Infinity Lite v 1.0.1* - inf.thepeak-mc.com
    *Direwolf20's 1.10 pack* - dire.thepeak-mc.com **Coming Soon**

    **So it starts with one question! **
    ✶**What are you looking for?**✶

    ✶If you are looking for a server that offers you an amazing, active community, reward system for not only playing the game but being part of the community, a server that is on a dedicated server, not just hosted & to have the ability of getting donator rewards, title and benefits without needing to donate.

    Then Look no further we have you covered.

    ✶If you are looking for a server that offers, Griefing, Raiding, PvP then you are looking at the wrong server.

    ✶**We have a curse channel, which is moderated continually. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to connect with a member of staff. Invite link is below.**✶


    ✶What Are we hosted on✶
    Our Dedicated server is from OVH we have.
    Processor: E5 6Core
    Ram: 64GB
    Storage: 3x 300GB SSD
    Network: 1GB rack

    ✶Why Not Come Give Us a try✶