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Open The Reeplex 24/7 - CrackPack 1.1.0/1.7.10

CrackPack 1.1.0 - The Reeplex

  1. SlyXPG
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    CrackPack 1.1.0/ Minecraft 1.7.10
    Welcome to The Reeplex!
    We feature a Lag-free, Feed the Beast experience!


    Currently running
    Crackpack 1.1.0/1.7.10

    Server Specs
    • Dedicated Server box!
    • CPU- Xeon - E5-1650v3
    • Ram - 64 GB 2133 DDR4 Ram
    • Storage - 500GB SSD/ 1TB HDD

    Current Features

    • My Town 2 (Plot Protection/Grief Protection)
    • Economy (Player Shops/Admin set shops)
    • Free build/Play
    • Zero-No lag
    • Friendly Staff
    • Advanced Permission Systems
    • Very Few Banned Items
    • Community votes on Modpack
    Current Staff
    • Darkmongrel (Owner)
    • DarkSpartanCM96 (Admin)
    • fuhrerwolf (OP)

    We are currently looking for dedicated players and staff!
    For Staff application, make a post on this thread or come into the server and ask for Darkmongrel (for Interview).

    Staff Requirements
    • 18+ Years of age
    • Prior experience as a Moderator/Admin
    • Availability of at least 2 days a week
    • Basic understanding of Minecraft/Permissions.
    • No Greifing
    • No Exploiting
    • Use Common Sense
    • No Stealing/Duping
    • Be Respectful to Fellow Players
    • Don't Argue With Admins
    Teamspeak Information
    Owner - Deadi
    Channel Admin - Sly (Darkmongrel)