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Whitelist The Mobocracy - Mature - Towny -

Mature group returning to their root with the Ultimate Pack Resurrection.

  1. Puggy
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    The Mobocracy is coming back to FTB and we are very excited to start up our new FTB:Resurrection pack. It was about 4 years ago that we started our community on the FTB:Ultimate pack, so this pack does hold a certain nostalgia which we would like to invite veteran and new players to share with us.

    We are currently running a smaller server, 4gb, however will be more than willing to expand that should our community and playerbase grow. We do provide our own forums for support and shenanigans, and a Teamspeak server for voice chat, support and for the other games we play.

    The server itself will be a relaxed style server focused on fun builds (both solo and group). Being an older group of players we enjoy Minecraft for its therapeutic qualities, nothing beats getting home kicking you feet up listening to the tick tick pop of mining while chatting with you good buds online.

    The world has not been built yet so we are giving some new players the time to get signed up before launch. We would ask that anyone interested in joining the new server drop us an application on our forums.

    We look forward to hearing from some of you and hope that you have found what we would like to offer appealing!

    Take care, and happy mining!