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Whitelist The Boundless Community presents FTB Beyond, SkyFactory3 and Vanilla 1.11.2

A fun, mature server for you to make friends and unwind.

  1. UndercoverQuasar
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    Welcome to the Boundless Community. This is a new-ish server running FTB Beyond and FTB SkyFactory 3 and Vanilla 1.11.2. The server is currently hosted in Beauharnois, Canada and you can check your ping here.

    http://proof.ovh.net/ (Make sure to select the canada server)

    The FTB Beyond world is a few weeks old, it has a few players so far and has a dynmap available. The FTB SkyFactory 3 world was made this week.


    Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (4 c/ 8 t) 3.4 GHz+

    16 GB RAM

    2 x 2 TB SATA3 RAID 1 HDD

    Rules and more server info is avaliable in our Discord server. https://discord.gg/XvhdKPa

    The server is whitelisted so please complete the small application below.

    We are also using a custom world generation using the RTG mod and Biomes O Plenty on the FTB Beyond world. A guide to installation is available in the #server_info channel.



    World you are applying to: Beyond/SkyFactory/Both

    Why do you want to join:

    Favourite mods:

    Please direct all applications to the #applications channel in our discord. Applications posted here will either be ignored or have a delayed response.

    We look to forward to seeing you soon.