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Revelation 3.4.0
The Bouldium Server is an FTB Revelation 3.4.0 server. A CU Boulder student has created this server for the college community of CU Boulder in Colorado. It seemed like an excellent way to contribute a communal creative social space that is virtual during a time in Boulder where COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Anyone is free to join but be aware the server is for people in the age group of college students, so (18+). This is a friendly and socially oriented server.

- DISCORD: Players of the server must be members of this discord. If your player can not be identified on discord and you fail to join, THIS WILL RESULT IN A BAN.

- BEHAVIOR: This server has the intended demographic of college students attending CU Boulder. Regardless, you don't have to be a student but this is an 18+ server. The language will not be regulated but BULLYING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

- BUILDING PROTECTION: You must make or be apart of a team to allow for building protection. Only you and others on your team can break and place blocks in chucks that have been claimed by your team. Unclaimed chunks are fair game. To make a team click on 'My Team' at the top left of the inventory screen to open the team menu. ANY BUILDS THAT ARE NOT CLAIMED BY A TEAM WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO RECOVERY.

- PVP is on for now

- DONATIONS: Donations can now be made via Venmo @ShamaLilly All donations will go to pay the electric bill, the internet bill, and hardware upgrades for the server. Anything is appreciated. Thank you for all of your support.

Shaman -

The server now restarts once every 12 hours at 4:20 MST.
The server is backed up regularly.

----------DOWNLOAD and RUN----------
So to play it download the Twitch app for your device ( For Linux users install MultiMC and you're on your own. In any case with the Twitch app select the "Mods" tab. From there install Minecraft from the list of game pages if you haven't. From the Minecraft page select "Browse Modpacks". Scroll down till you find "FTB Revelation" and select it. Then select The "Versions" tab and find the release with the name "". For that release under actions download it. The Twitch should automatically download and install. When it's done it should be playable. When you click play it will start the Minecraft Launcher.
If you're having trouble with your client being the right version check if you're using the correct directory in the Minecraft Launcher.
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