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Whitelist The BootHill - A Direwolf20 community focussed server

Vote for server changes, most votes win!

  1. TwiiCe
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    You must be new here, welcome to The Boothill
    The BootHill is a Gaming Community providing services for players in and around Europe. Wonder why you should choose our server?
    We believe in a players-first mentality. This means that there are no banned items and that we expect our players to keep it civil and make mature choices.


    Community first
    The community decides! By means of polls we will give players the chance to decide what happens with the server. If most people vote for a feature, we will implement it. All server-changing events will be polled for.

    We have been running minecraft servers since March 2011 so we know what we're doing.

    Users can protect their property with FTB Utilities' chunk claiming. The same goes for chunk loading.

    We have players and staff who are up for a challenge, the server is set to hard mode for this reason.

    We aim to expand the servers and modpacks. All will be done by polling first.

    Visit our website www.TheBootHill.com to stay up to date to the latest updates about the server.
    Discord Voice Chat - We think games are better when you talk to people and we have our own Discord Voice Chat server which runs in your browser, on your computer and on your iOS or Android device. Join us here!
    This is also the place where you will apply for the whitelist!