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Open Teknode Industries - 1.10.1 - Infinity.Teknodemc.com

Whether you’re a Nonplussed Necromancer or a Tenacious Technician, there’s a place for you here!

  1. Dimmae
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    Hello and welcome to TekNode, a FTB Infinity v1.8.2 Server where we aim to cater for the needs of all types of players.

    Our server has multiple plugins installed to further embellish your TekNode Minecraft Multiplayer encounter.

    So, whether you’re a Nonplussed Necromancer or a Tenacious Technician, there’s a place for you within our growing community.

    But hang on! There’s a few things we’d like you to know first!

    Nobody expects anyone to be the incarnation of the Ordo aspect itself, but we do ask of one thing to ensure that everyone feels safe and enjoys their time in our company.

    Be mindful of others.

    By keeping this one rule in mind at all times we can all be certain that we’re both having and contributing to a positive experience.

    The administration team are working their hardest to ensure that all of the features implemented in FTB Infinity are accessible for all players to use, however due to the fact that certain characteristics of some mods are exploitable, or damaging to the server, we have decided that rather than ban some features, access to such will be granted to members who positively contribute to the community.

    Every member has the ability to make a difference within our community.

    Every user can make complaints and suggestions which can be debated with the other players on our forums.

    Any updates to the server will be done so with the feedback from your peers as we all build upon a great experience together.

    You are ensured that the administrative team are working to provide you with the best quality experience while you stay and play with us.

    We’re hoping to see you soon,
    Teknode Staff