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Whitelist Survival/Creative Server project Direwolf 20 1.10.2

Small minecraft survival server hosted on owners second computer 24/7

  1. Nightwish612
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Direwolf20 1.12.1 For 1.10.2
    This is a mainly Survival server with every map we do having one large creative project that players can contribute to. There are not many rules on this server other than that you respect other players and that any creative projects done on the server do not affect Survival players on the server in any means (eg. building too close to survival plots, changing day/night cycle rain etc while survival players are on the server)

    You can request to join the server by join discord and posting in the minecraft text channel https://discord.gg/ZtVmfzC

    This is the current layout of our creative project it may be expanded if we can get more people to work on it as it stands i am mainly the only one working on it and already its a lot for one person. I like to use chisel and bits to help get more detail out of my builds, so if that's your cup of tea i would love for you to join me on the build.