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Open SpongeWorld

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Modpack Version
Departed version 1.1.1
SpongeWorld Port 20202

The server is a full Departed server hosted 24x7.
Server specs in a nutshell: Xeon E5 with 64GB RAM. Full dedicated hardware, not VPS.

Server is in a state of "just starting up" so there's no spawn or anything of note yet.

Recruiting Staff! Send your information to [email protected]
Include a brief statement of your experience, age group (under 18, over 18), most recently earned education level.

Basic rules of the server:
1. No PvP
2. No grief
3. Have fun - Yep, you are required to have fun ;-)

Plans for the Server:
Because the server is designed to run the Sponge coremod, the future of the server will be to host new Sponge plugins. This is going to be a Bukkit-free server. To date there are a handful of works in progress, and as time goes on, we'll be adding plugins that are reasonable and help the server.

About your host:

I've been a Software Engineer for 21 years professionally and currently do firmware and software design for game consoles. I've been hacking UNIX systems for the last 28 years. You are in good hands.
Most recently, I was working on the Sponge project and have been developing plugins for Sponge as well as working in the Sponge core.

I've run several FTB packs in the past. The most notable was FooFarm, the first open and longest running MagicFarm 1 & 2 server. We had a good run! Times change.

Questions ? Just ping me here, or... You can find me online (IRC #spongedev) as well as on

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