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  • Server Name: Adultcraft - Whitelisted Adult Minecraft Server Network
  • Location: Canada,
  • Website: www.adultcraft.net
  • Server Address/IP: play.adultcraft.net
  • Server Address/IP: sauce.adultcraft.net
  • Server Address/IP: skyfactory.adultcraft.net
  • Server Address/IP: horizon.adultcraft.net
  • Server Address/IP: ozone.adultcraft.net
  • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2, 1.10.2,
  • Game Play Type/s: Survival, Adult, Creative, Skyblock, Minigames, Modded, Slimefun, Skyfactory, Special Sauce, Ftb, Technic, Project Ozone, Horizon III
  • Description: Adultcraft is a well established whitelisted spigot and modded adult minecraft server that strives to give you an excellent experience with all our members in mind. Why not come and see what you're missing out on! Whether you join up with others, venture the wilderness and build a house, the choice is yours!
  • Rules: No Griefing, No stealing, No Children
  • Plugins: Lots across our servers too many to list.
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4.76 star(s) 17 ratings

Latest reviews

I have been a member of Adultcraft for some time now and go on the servers on a regular basis. I've been on a variety of servers, large and small, and AC (Adultcraft) has a nice balance between busy enough to be interesting (not a ghost town) and not so big that I feel like just a number and ignored, it's nice to be greeted when I log on etc. I have not experienced any issues with griefing that I can remember and am often assisted by other player or help others where I can and there's no fear of thefts/grief when '/trust'ing players to my claims.

I have always found other players to be incredibly generous as well and helpful when I'm fumbling around trying to learn the variety of mods.

Adultcraft has a number of servers which use relatively recent versions of the game with the vanilla survival (Original) which is survival-based and just has a few light plug-ins such as craftbook and Slimefun to the more heavily modded servers, though which can cause less powerful computers to struggle (Special Sauce is designed to be more mod-light). The mods include EnderIO, Actually Additions, Random Things, Blood Magic, Botania, Forestry, Tinker's Construct, Applied Energistics (ME), RFTools, and others.

The chat works cross-server so players are not totally isolated to the server they are on. The moderators/admins are online regularly in case of issues but, as mentioned above, generally don't have to fix grief issues or player conflicts.
i have come and gone 3 times it's like home base...
This is the only great working, very active over multiple years, modded, adult server out there. I've been playing here for almost 2 years and new modded servers are consistently added making the game stay relevant and not boring. I love it! Also 21+ is so nice playing with all adults. :)
Great community. Helpful and friendly.
Friendly people, fun voice chat, and never any griefing in the years I've played here. Even without claiming my chunks! Servers are almost never down and mod team is super responsive as well.
Great custom pack, and well run servers. Great admins, and very good folks to hang out with. The city environment is a great experiment.
Finally a mature community where there aren't any kids or griefers to play minecraft.
I love this server. The right place to realize your projects.
are you an adult, or a kid? here we adults bring out the kids in us!! have fun with multi servers, play with adults all over the globe, and destroy build destroy in minecraft ways!! ;)