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Open Small 24/7 DW20 12.2.2 Server looking for players

People having fun playing ftb

  1. ClarmonkGaming
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    Hello, I am currently running a small dw20 1.12.2 server(hosted in Ontario Canada) ITs is run off of a decently high powered business internet plan that is used as my residential plan to get a better connection. Currently, only 2 people including me play on this server and I would like more.I plan to keep this server on 24/7 i have allocated 10g of ram to it and it's running off of a secondary machine in my house that does nothing but the server.
    I will do server restarts when needed other than that only downtime will be if the server crashes or if my isp decides to drop my connection for a Cpl minute which happens a couple of times a month.