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Open SkyFactory 2.5 by CraftersLand - NEW SkyFactory 4 Server

Build your SkyFactory! | Clans | PvP | Market | Rewards | Dedicated Host

  1. brunyman
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    ░░░░░░ Website | Forum | DonationShop ░░░░░░

    SkyFactory 4: sf4.craftersland.net
    SkyFactory 3: sf3.craftersland.net
    SkyFactory 2.5: skyfactory.craftersland.net


    CraftersLand Community is more then 6 years old, we have multiple servers of Minecraft, we will provide you with good, quality minecraft servers so we can all have fun and play. Our SkyFactory server was first time opened on the very first modpack release on SkyFactory1. Our server is here to last! Come and play.

    Server Features:
    > No whitelist, just connect and play.
    > 3 Chat channels (Global, Local, Trade)
    > Economy - Spawn Shops, Player's Market and Auctions.
    > Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
    > Daily Backups.
    > Ban list website.
    > Helpful staff.
    > Few items banned (List here)
    > Hosted in Data Center in Germany
    > Dedicated Server Online 24/7.
    > Clans and PvP.
    > Crates and Rewards.


Recent Reviews

  1. MarioXHK
    this is a very good server if you like to work alot. after you get the ropes of it, its pretty much smooth sailing. the vote system is great due to how many websites you can vote on, and the shop at spawn isnt to cheap to make things fair. one thing i would change is that you can make your own nether portal and not have to go to the one at spawn, other than that this is a great server.
  2. Fluffy5Hype
    This server is great !
    It has barely no lag, not like many servers that I've visited and that you can earn money and get free items from the crates by voting is great !
    IGN- Fluffy5Hype
  3. llozpk
    its a very good server i recommend it!! in game: llozpk
  4. EvansLP1
    This is an nice server i recommend it, it's pretty fun to play. IG:(EvansLP1)
  5. Murky Gobbs
    Murky Gobbs
    This server is the only reason I am playing after a 5 year hiatus from minecraft. Great connection, wonderful website, nice ban list. Everything is spelled out for you.

    IGN: invado
  6. MercilessKiiier
    it is a great and stable server similar to others but it is amazing
  7. Cas900
    Great server, small and not crowded. Excellent ping, but does seem quite Pay To Play. I won't quit the server anytime soon :)
  8. BraveTato
    This server is outstanding, absolutely amazing, fun, and cool. 10/10 would play. :)
    My IGN is Bravetato.
  9. Dekimasu_
    One of the best servers/networks I have played on. Kind community and little to no lag. -Dekimasu_
  10. Aunuba3t
    By far the best SF 2.5 server i have played,the server is great
    And the player is friendly also i have not experienced lag playing in this server so far really enjoyed it IGN:luisanunes2002