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Open Sky Factory 4 (Family Friendly)

A family friendly PG rated whitelisted Sky Factory 4 Server.

  1. joooone
    Server IP:
    Sky Factory 4
    Modpack Version:
    Hello I have been playing Sky Factory 4 with my son and we would like to play with new people and hopefully create a small active community. It would be great to play with others in the same situation (father/son/daughter/mother) if possible.

    Server is Running v 4.08 with the default mods included in the pack with the addition of FTB Utilities version 5.4.097

    A Few Rules to joining the server:
    1. No Griefing (obviously)
    2. No Spamming/Trolling/Scamming/Advertising etc...
    3. Be Respectful - NO bullying, name calling , racist remarks etc...
    4. Server is Family Oriented - PG rated language
    4 Rules will be updated/modified when needed.
    5. Have Fun :) ;)

    Please join us at the address listed above. Thank you!
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