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Whitelist Shape The Cube | Valhelsia 3 | 4 Years Uptime | Multiple Packs | 13+ | Freindly Staff

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Welcome to Shape The Cube' if your looking for a place to play some modded minecraft with mature players who have little time for greifing, stealing or childish behavior then this place may be for you.
We have been operating for over 4 years so far with over 400 members in discord and a steady flow of players on our servers we would like to continue to meet new people that enjoy modded minecraft just as much as we do. We currently host 4 version 1.16.5 modded packs which are:
  1. Seaopolis
  2. Stacia Expert Pack
  3. Enigmatica 6
  4. Valhesia 3
We also will be making a vanilla server available once 1.17 is released for those who enjoy vanilla minecraft.
We don't have many rules feel free to check them on the rules here on subreddit but I will share our main rules here :
  1. Don't be toxic
  2. No hate speech, racism or homophobic behavior
  3. 13 years and older
  4. No political or religious discussions
  5. No greifing or stealing
If you break the above rules it will generally cost you a permanent ban. We also have a zero tolerance if your banned there is no chance of being allowed back, your generally given 3 warnings before this occurs but it is also at the discretion of the staff.

We are also a safe place for all lgbtqia+ members. We are a community that wishes to provide a safe non judgemental place to be.

So if you feel you can fit in with our community feel free to apply to get whitelisted by going to the following
URL: Whitelisting Link and following the directions at the top of that page.

We aren’t just limited to Minecraft and will play other games such as:
  • Among Us
  • Phasmophobia
  • Rocket League
  • Golf With Friends
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Along with other games as well.
We also have many members who enjoy streaming and we do support and try to help by giving them a streamer role while they're streaming, and broadcast them on the Shape The Cube Discord if they’re streaming on our servers.
Shameless Plug

So be sure to fill out the whitelist app and come on in and join the fun.
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