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FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition :

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Dedicated Server Hardware
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X | 128GB ECC RAM | Full NVME Storage

Welcome to ShadowRaptor Network! We are a Modded Minecraft server network that hosts FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition, Enigmatica 6: Expert, Nomifactory, Chroma Technology 2, and FTB OceanBlock servers, with a server that will feature our custom modpack, "Galactic Drive" on the way!

Our FTB Ultimate: Anniversary Edition server is running a no-plugin basic forge server. There are little restrictions on what you can do currently, only what is present in our rules and at the server spawn. Join up and enjoy!

- The /home, /spawn, and /tpa commands are enabled
- Pre-generated world at a 36000x36000 world border with a Random Teleport available
- Discord Integration between In-Game and our Discord chat is present!
- If you are offline for 24 hours, your force-loaded (NOT claimed) chunks will be unloaded.

All of our servers restart every 12 hours. Note that this server is NOT connected to our main server proxy, so you will not redirect to our hub.

CLICK HERE FOR THE RULES Our rules are simple, but ever changing. Make sure to check them for changes occasionally.

Owner: Zediious

Head-Moderator: R_Macs

Moderator: Marshy, Cloudy_Queso
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4.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Player ChestShop Market added!

    We have added a marketplace for players to claim a chunk, and set up ChestShops to sell and buy...
  2. Modpack update to v1.3.0, the latest version!

    Modpack has been updated to version 1.3.0. Be sure to re-download the pack rather than updating...
  3. Modpack update to v1.2.0, the latest version!

    Modpack has been updated to version 1.2.0. Be sure to re-download the pack rather than updating...

Latest reviews

I've been playing on the server for a few hours daily, for a couple of weeks now and I've not had a single negative experience or interaction with anyone, there's pretty much always between 2 and 5 people online (as many as 10+ on busy evenings), the staff respond quickly, I've met players from all over the world yet the server is almost totally stable, there's very rarely lag and it's never enough to make the game unplayable, there's almost no restrictions to what you can do and the community is friendly, kind and helpful.

I'd recommend it as a place to come and play with friends, if this is the pack you're looking to get into. The party command system is easy and intuitive to navigate, which was really helpful as a returning player, just be mindful of the rules, it seems some people weren't, got temp-banned and have left a handful of erroneous reviews in their wake.
An absolute pleasure playing with people on this server, always willing to help and are genuine and very nice and funny people, and very chilled out. Very well moderated with people doing the right thing. This is the main server I play on for modded minecraft and have not regretted it for a single moment of my life.
I've been a member of the community that hosts the server for a little while now and I've had a blast. Anytime any server experiences lag and a user reports that the mods and admins will quickly attempt to resolve the issue.

I'm only aware of one griefing event for the server and that was back in January. The staff quickly banned the perpetrators and rolled back bases that were griefed.

I don't know why so many negative reviews are being posted here. Some names are very similar to the names of people who have been banned but I'm not sure if it's the same people or not.

All in all, while they're not perfect this is a great community and a good server. The staff attempt to resolve any issue quickly and fairly. The staff are all very active and they even host game nights once a week for the community on their discord. It's a lot of fun and if the server isn't to your liking check out some of the others they offer.
Very good server to play on, it can be a little laggy if you have a bad connection at peak hours but that's it.
I love the experience on shadow raptors network servers so far. Friendly admins went out of their way the same day when I had issues.
Heya CloudyQueso, moderator on ShadowRaptor. I assure everyone that we are a family friendly server. We're here to provide a safe and friendly community for all come join us on one of our servers!
0 Lag server with friendly people.

It's saddening to see our server score get lowered thanks to 2 people we temp banned for harassing and insulting other players on our server.

They then demanded unbans, and when it didn't happen right away started harassing people in discord and even insulting moderators.

Our servers are closely moderated to ensure smooth performance and a friendly atmosphere. These players are not welcome back.

Best of luck to the moderation team of the next server they join.
very laggy the server is unkept and the admins are abusive
Really laggy abusive admins that dont help anyone