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  1. death6986
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    Shadow Gaming Community wants you to join our server/s, We are a small gaming community just starting up and looking for a bigger player base. We have a dedicated Teamspeak 3 server,
    website and forums. We currently have 1 server running due to the lack of players. When we gain more players we will be looking into opening up a second and third server possibly a
    forth or more. Upon us opening a second server we will be needing staff to help manage the servers and plugins that are running with them. Our main plugins that will be used for all
    servers are the following:

    Towny (this is for protection of your land. We are limiting it to 35 towns to the server/s and they cost 100k to create to keep mass creation down.)
    Multiverse (To allow creation of custom worlds for users to mine in or setup camp in. None are setup atm but will be in the next few days.)
    Essentials (For protections your chests if not in a town yet.)

    We will add in more plugins once we gain a bigger player base as mentioned above. We also want our players to give suggestions on what plugins they would like to see added to the server/s.
    If you are interested in joining our community and playing on our server/s then visit our website to gain more information on what server/s we have running, games we may be playing, or just
    post on the forums to get to know everyone. All of our server/s have close to no banned items at all. The only banned items we will every have are items that are able to duplicate.
    For the first few people that join the website and/or the server/s will gain a personal world to use as they want.

    Our main server we are running at the moment is a FTB Resurrections Server with no banned items and a few plugins to make the game more interesting.

    Website Address: http://www.shadowgc.com
    IP Address: