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Open Scigor Gaming FTB Beyond -Survival-Economy-Minigames-Low Lag-Experienced Staff-

Scigor gaming's new server with all of the above and more

  1. sciencefreak74
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to Scigor Gaming's new FTB Beyond Server.

    IP: beyond.scigorgaming.net:25595
    Discord: https://discord.gg/8buQc5P
    Website: www.scigorgaming.net

    1) No griefing, claimed or not

    2) No spamming

    3) Use common sense

    4) Limit use of foul language in chat

    5) No homophobic or racist language in chat

    6) English in global chat when asking questions

    7) Any device that bypasses the Afk kicker (Macros, Afk pools etc) is not allowed

    8) Using rank privilege for lower rank players is not allowed

    9) Respect everyone

    10) Do not claim within 100 blocks of another player

    11) No cheating/ hacking

    12) No duping / using bugs

    13) If someone asks you to leave their claim do so