Right To Rebel | FTB Infinity Evolved| TS3 | Mature| FRESH MAP (June 20th 2016)

Open Right To Rebel | FTB Infinity Evolved| TS3 | Mature| FRESH MAP (June 20th 2016)

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It's the best FTB server i have ever played on. But why is it offline. It has been like that for more then 12hrs. I cry every time T-T. The server is so good, i can't go without it haha!! 5/5
Best Minecraft Server! Friendly people, excellent admins/mods, challenging gameplay.. basically everything you want. No matter if you are new to minecraft (like me) or pro mc player you will enjoy this Community, and its people.
Been playing for about 2 months now and it is a great community. No childish behavior and the Teamspeak chatter is always fun to be a part of. Admins do a great job to fix issues with lag if there is ever any.
Good server, well run, regular restarts to prevent tps dropping. people are helpful, but solid rule is no giving of super advanced items to new players
great server...great community...great staff...you can't find much better
active staff, always people online who help out, great map and events :)
Love this server great community and staff always enjoy coming back to it
A+ Staff, very enjoyable experience.
No lag, very mature community, great communication.
New people are always welcome!
This is a really great community. I've been apart of it for little over a year everyone's super nice and friendly. In teamspeak and on the server there's always something really funny(to me at least) that always happens. whether it be something someone says or does in game. I've made allot of really great friends so you all should join us for the fun times and to make good friends :3
I've been playing on this server for almost two years and through countless modpacks. The current admins are always online and always watching. Griefing is pretty much nonexistent, and the rules are strictly enforced. The whitelisting process may be annoying, but it pays off with a very rewarding experience on the best Minecraft server I've ever had the privilege of playing on.

6/5 stars