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Greylist ProsperCraft Evolved SKYBLOCK!

Family friendly, high performance server.

  1. Goshen
    Server IP:
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    The ProsperCraft Server network is a Family Friendly server network.

    Hardcore economy.

    Difficulty- Hard

    Towny Protections-

    Currently Hosting Infinity, Infinity Evolved, Infinity Evolved Skyblock and TolkienCraft 2 and others.

    skyblock.prospercraft.com - Infinity Evolved Skyblock!!
    Infinity.prospercraft.com - normal mode Infinity
    reborn.prospercraft.com - Evolved expert mode server
    lotr.prospercraft.com for - TolkienCraft 2
    departed.prospercraft.com - FTB Departed server
    daybreaker.prospercraft.com - FTB Daybreaker server

    Located in Salt Lake City, Utah We have local meetups to play as well.

    This is a greylisted server, which means you can connect, and do the tutorial, but will need to apply on our website to start playing on the modded servers.

    Greylist applications are at http://wwwprospercraft.com

    ProsperCraft has been hosting servers since Minecraft version 1.4.7 and plan to continue for many years.

    CPU INTEL|CORE I7 4790K 4.0G 8M R
    32 gigs of ram