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Open Project Ozone 2 Reloaded Hub Server

Open Hub Server with both Titan and Normal Sky Block versions

  1. Titanz
    Server IP:
    Project Ozone Reloaded
    Modpack Version:
    Server Name: Titanz Ozone Hub Server

    Server Locale: Chicago

    Website: http://titanz.tv

    Server Address/IP: ozone.titanz.tv

    Version: 1.7.10

    Game Play Type/s: [Towny][Wild PVP][No Griefing] [CURSE][24/7]

    TeamSpeak3 Server: Titanz.Tv

    Description: This is an Open Project Ozone Hub Server when you login you will have a compass to click on and there will be 2 different servers to click on. Titanz-Ozone-1 is Titan Mode SkyBlock version, and Titanz-Ozone-2 is Normal Mode on SkyBlock version. Once you have logged in you just have to step on the pressure plate and it will send you to your island.


    •Killing other players new or old at any of the spawn points is not permitted.

    •Stealing is not permitted anywhere at anytime.

    •Griefing is not allowed anywhere. You are being logged, and you will be found out.

    •Offensive Minecraft character skins will not be tolerated.

    •Glitching and/or using exploits will not be tolerated.

    •Asking for promotions or more in-game commands will be ignored.

    •Do not set home in or near other players land without their expressed permission.

    •Intentional lagging of the server will not be tolerated.

    Server Hardware: Dedicated server: - 2 Intel Xeon x5650, 2.7 Ghz, 72G Ram, SSD

    Plugins: [Essentials] [WorldEdit] [World Guard] [ShopGUI+] [Vault] [PermissionsEx] [Bungeecord] [Towny]...Many More!

    Owners: Jager67