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Whitelist Project M Server, Mage Quest, Adults (18+) only.

Project M Server, Mage Quest, Relaxed and Fun. Adults (18+) only.

  1. method555
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    FTB Mage Quest 1.2 (MC 1.7.10)

    * new website coming soon.

    If you are looking for a laid back, mature, server you have clicked on the right post.

    This is not a server where items are spawned, even the admin and mods are playing the way every other player is playing.The server difficulty setting is hard. We want players to become part of our community and not just a number to fill a slot. Project M has successfully ran several servers in the past with engaged users from around the world!

    Project M Servers have been a fun an engaging adult Minecraft experience since January 2011!

    Project M World IV has just started (10/3/2015)! Help us build this new world!

    Server is whitelisted, apply emailing: [email protected]

    Keeping it easy and simple :)