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Primal MC's Crackpack Server [Closed Temporarily]

Dedicated Server Network featuring Modded Servers

  1. IAmMrDavid
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to Primal MC

    Primal MC is home to the largest MadPack3 server and is expanding their network to include many FTB packs, including Crackpack release!

    Join today and experience everything great about Primal - Dedicated Servers, Friendly Staff, Great Community, Free Ranks, and more!

    Join today with crack.primal-mc.com
    Benefits of playing on the Primal Network:
    - Active Staff Members -
    Get the help you need, when you need it.
    - Dedicated Servers - No one likes lag, so why have it?
    - Organized Discord Server - Text, Voice, and direct connection to the community at anytime. Replaces Skype and Teamspeak.
    - Free Ranks and Perks - Who doesn't love free stuff?
    - Few Banned Items - Thanks to our grief prevention systems and Dev work, banned items are limited to only the ones necessary to prevent server/client crashes
    - So Much More... - We've been running modded servers for over 2 years and have no plan of going anywhere. Join us today to see what we're about!
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