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Whitelist PokeCraft: FTB Revelation 1.5.0

A small white list FTB server. For anyone who wishes to join a community.

  1. AssAssin79988
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    We are a small whitelist FTB server currently running FTB Revelation 1.5.0. We are hoping to expand our community.
    In order to join you have to fill out a white list application that is located on the pokecraft discord. https://discord.gg/qw5tsmN
    Rule 1: Respect the Server Owner and the Admins at all times.

    Rule 2: No client side hacks or cheats. This means no illegal flying (such as zombie fly mod), x-ray mods, or any other cheats.

    Rule 3: No rude, racist, sexist or otherwise obscene structures

    Rule 4: If an Admin tells you to do something, do it.

    Rule 5: No excessive fighting or cursing

    Rule 6: Do not ask Admins or the Server Owner for items or blocks.

    Rule 7: Have fun at all times!

    Rule 8 Mods/Admins are not responsible for replacing items lost due to glitches, server restarts, death or theft. Make sure your homes/chests are locked.

    Rule 9: Building too close to the spawn area will result in demolition of your structure. Without notice.

    Rule 10: Do not advertise other servers on ours. It is rude.


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