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The Paradox Network is a group of modded Minecraft servers, linked together via a great community and a mature global chat. With amiable staff and owners, the Paradox Network is a great place to spend time on Minecraft. Casual and serious players are all welcome, just bring a friendly attitude!

Along with the servers, there are also forums and a TeamSpeak 3 server all associated. Information about them can be found in-game by typing /website or /teamspeak. And if you ever have a question, need advice, or legitimate help, don't be afraid to ask.

Welcome to Paradox!

- No Griefing
- Respect all your fellow players
- Respect staff members
- Obviously, don’t try to exploit and craft our banned items
- No Racism
- Keep cursing in moderation
- No hacking/x-ray mods/x-ray texture packs/modded clients.
- Do not ask for promotions, such as creative, staff, or veteran rank

Banned Items:
- Check in Games for a updated list
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Latest reviews

Its not listed here that the morph addon is partially banned or disabled. so after finally finding a bat after a few hours. only to find out you can't fly as a bat.
Good server good staff
Has an excellent community, low lag, helpful and friendly staff. I've been here for well over a year and still haven't left.
Excellent staff, well maintained and low lag servers, and a community makes 4 hours seem like 4 seconds. 6/5 stars
Its Direwolf20! Very cool spawn and staff is always available.
"Home Sweet Home Home." I started playing on this network through the DW20 server, and haven't left yet, so there's gotta be something to say for that. I love the game, but I love the people and community more, they make the hours I funnel into Minecraft actually worth it haha.
I have personally had some serious trouble with finding a server in the past. Many are just money grabbing, most are horrible. I can say, without a doubt, that Paradox Network is the best server I have ever been on. And would not play anywhere else.
P.S. Praise Zod.