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◆ Who are we? ◆
Open Skies is a Minecraft Community that has been active for over 2 years! We have played many modded packs including our own custom packs. We focus on maintaining close-knit relationships and well-oiled servers. We are currently running FTB Ultimate Reloaded 1.5.0 and FTB Interactions 1.0.1 found on the Twitch Launcher or the FTB Launcher

◆ What do we have to offer? ◆
We boast a friendly staff team, a friendly community discord, and simple way to play along with a NO GRIEF server, we are simply here to play and have fun with our communities! Our servers automatically restart every 6 hours and are on 24/7 with automatic backups. We have NO BANNED ITEMS and allow FTB Utilities Chunkloading where the modpack permits it --- offline and online. We promise great service, playtime, and interaction with each and every player. KeepInventory is also on for all dimensions if we missed any let us know!

◆ Dedicated Server Specs ◆

» Intel i7-4790K @ 4GHz
» 32GB DDR3 1333MHz
» 240GB SSD

If you're interested in playing some high-quality Minecraft, Open Skies may be the *perfect* fit for you! Come join us and have a blast!

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