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Open Okamicraft Departed

One of many okamicraft servers

  1. UnsoughtGaming
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    42x42.png 42x42.png Welcome,
    Today I bring you Okamicraft Departed, Currently we have three server running under the Okamicraft name and this is one

    Our departed server is running on a
    -Dedicated Machine
    -15gb of ram (64gb of ram total on machine)
    -Xeon Processor running at 3.7GHz (To itself)
    -2tb RAID

    So as you can see our machine won't be letting you down anytime soon.

    As for rules we have a few simple one
    1.No Hacking/Griefing/Racism/Harassment/Excessive Cursing/Spamming

    2.Do not enter another player's house unless given permission

    3.No bug exploit

    4.Be polite and trustful

    If you would like more info please head over to our website or join our teamspeak at okamicraft.teamspeak3.com