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Open Northern Binge Direwolf20 1.12

Northern Binge + Direwolf20 + dw.northernbinge.com

  1. LordHalo1157
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Hello, we're Northern Binge!
    This is the listing for our FTB Direwolf20 1.12 server!

    We are a community oriented host! If you're looking for a community to play modded minecraft with, this could be it!

    Why should you join our community?

    • Our administrators are friendly, understanding and available to you.
    • We host cooperative, player versus environment servers.
    • We strive not to adversely affect gameplay by banning items or making rules.
    • We do not tolerate bullying or harassment.
    • We have the hardware to back up our community, boasting a 1 Gigabit/s uplink and plenty of RAM to prevent lag.
    • We are hosted from the United States.
    • We have a website, forum, donation store, discord server, and more than a decade of hosting experience between our staff members.
    You can find this server in the FTB Direwolf20 client at dw.northernbinge.com
    Or, you can check out our website at https://www.northernbinge.com/

    We hope to see you join our community in the near future.
    Have a wonderful day!