NoodlePowered - Ascension| 1.7.10 | Custom modpack | Great community | TS3 | Skype

Whitelist NoodlePowered - Ascension| 1.7.10 | Custom modpack | Great community | TS3 | Skype

Hey I'd like to join! I'm a really good mine crafter and I basically can memorize EVERY SINGLE RECIPE
Great community, have plenty of fun. 10/10 would recommend again.
It's enjoyable, amazing community, and neph of course. <3
11/10 could be better

(good friendly mods, great community)
Terrible mods, aweful community, shitty worldgen, lags everyday, 10/10 "Coulda been better" -IGN
Not only is the modpack insanely fun, the same thing can be said about the community - welcoming, warm and just generally awesome. Lag is also non-existent if you're responsible with the freedom you're given. One of the best multiplayer experiences I've had with any game!
Great server! Everyone's friendly. A bit over the top maybe, but a great group of people. 9.5/10!
Friendly and very helpful community!
r8 8/8 this server is gr8 m8
Great community, very welcoming, and enjoyable!
The webpage for the application is not available...
If you would have read slightly more you would have seen that the is still being worked on and that you can apply at
Best community !
Loads of fun, nice people too :)
Nice modpack with mods for everyone (magic/tech/exploring/building), great and sometimes crazy community, stable server -> 5*!
I am probably one of the older players in this server and my life would've been so much worse without these people many of them where just there to play with me but there were also people who supported me and helped me with other more personal problems . We respect eachother and care for eachother probably my favorit community I have ever joined
Been in the community for 1 year and 4 months, it has completely changed my view to a server. Love playing on a server with no lag and friendly players/staff.
Ive been in this community for over 3 years now and everyone is frienly and mature. The admins handle all problems (the few problems there are) correctly and fast. I have no intention on leaving soon.
Fun Server Great community :)
I've never been good at writing reviews but i find this server pleasurable so i give it five stars.