NoodlePowered - Ascension| 1.7.10 | Custom modpack | Great community | TS3 | Skype

Whitelist NoodlePowered - Ascension| 1.7.10 | Custom modpack | Great community | TS3 | Skype

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Hey I'd like to join! I'm a really good mine crafter and I basically can memorize EVERY SINGLE RECIPE
Great community, have plenty of fun. 10/10 would recommend again.
It's enjoyable, amazing community, and neph of course. <3
11/10 could be better

(good friendly mods, great community)
Terrible mods, aweful community, shitty worldgen, lags everyday, 10/10 "Coulda been better" -IGN
Not only is the modpack insanely fun, the same thing can be said about the community - welcoming, warm and just generally awesome. Lag is also non-existent if you're responsible with the freedom you're given. One of the best multiplayer experiences I've had with any game!
Great server! Everyone's friendly. A bit over the top maybe, but a great group of people. 9.5/10!
Friendly and very helpful community!
r8 8/8 this server is gr8 m8
Great community, very welcoming, and enjoyable!