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Open (NEW) Thunder Network FTB Crackpack Factions

Factions, PVP, Raiding, FTB Crackpack 1.1.0

  1. Francistheninja
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    We have been hosting modded faction servers on and off for years now so we know exactly how to keep one going and make it enjoyable for players. PVP is encouraged between players but bypassing faction claims is not allowed. However this does not mean you are 100% safe because if your faction looses to much power you land can be claimed by and enemy faction, therefor in essence raiding is allowed but it is not as simple as just making a matter cannon and smashing up someones base.

    We value our players so we are rewarding you with weekly kits depending on how much time you have spent on the server, use /ar check in game to see how far you are away from the next rank.

    We hope to see you on the server and check out our website below!