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Whitelist nanocake Trident!

Whitelisted Community skype trident server

  1. jakeit1111
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    I am Supper impressed by the amount of enthusiasm all the applicants have displayed, I regret to inform everyone that the application process is closed and that we do have a full server, but thanks again to everyone who submitted an application!!!


    I imagine everyone is excited for the release of trident and are pumped to get on a server, well, good news with the small effort required to apply, you can get on one TODAY!!! We are starting a dedicated server for a period of two months and are accepting applications, but go quickly,
    the game will start at 7:00 PM EST on Thursday, April 16th and will only be accepting applications till 7:00 PM EST on Thursday, April 23rd.

    We hope this interests you, we are accepting a max of 18 players so good luck.

    To apply:
    PM me the following information
    Nick name:
    Skype (Appreciated but not necessary):
    Colour/Team (Red, Green, Blue) Preference (Doesn't mean you are guaranteed this colour):
    Time zone (server is in Chicago):

    The way points towards victory will be awarded is through two methods:
    1. Winning Scrimmages that occur twice a week.
    2. Winning the final battle that will occur on the last day of the server.

    Thanks for your applications, you will be contacted ASAP if you are picked

    Upon Winning your team will receive... BRAGGING RIGHTS ;)

    Rules will be explained upon acceptance to the server!

    Current players:
    Green Team:
    1. beamreaching2
    2. jakeit1111
    3. ijacki
    4. beamreaching1
    5. randomdrifter
    6. vapouriser56

    Red Team:
    7. Leavetheweak
    8. Xx_Reaperman_xX
    9. M4rc97
    10. pokemon06bw
    11. manevilus
    12. RougeFaucon12

    Blue Team:
    13. IamRob
    14. KingCHRISSSY
    15. xXTjayXx
    16. Khaotic_Ops
    17. bob726
    18. ghost8142